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Meeting up for the first time....


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I've had an interest in this girl for a while and I think she may have some as well. I tried meeting her before but it didn't work out. Then she texts me asking me if I wanted to go grab a bite to eat with her, but was away from school at the time, so I couldn't.


I wanted to give it one more shot, and ask her to hang out with coming weekend.


I thought about asking her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat this time to make up for the last time. I've big on working out and exercising, so I also thought about maybe asking her if she wanted to give me company and go for a walk at the recreational fields on campus. Another idea I had was getting a group of her friends and my friends to go to a haunted house/trail. I'm not sure which I'm going to ask her about. I'm leaning towards going to the walk around campus on the weekend.


I think there's potential for me and this girl, but I gotta give it a shot. Any advice on what I should do? I wanna just hang out with her and relax a bit, nothing too stressful. I wanna get to know her and try to establish a connection.


Thanks for any advice you have to offer.

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