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Really Need Help, Kinda Confused


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There is this girl I like. She sits next to me in a class. We have similar backrounds. I talk to her intermittently about things other than school. I was gonna tell her how I felt, but a friend of mine tried to help me out and she said that she doesn't do the relationship thing(dating I guess). I not sure that she's for real 'cause that friend of mine can't be taken seriously sometimes. I think she doesnt believe I like her. And her birthday just passed on the 11th. I thought that I could use that as an opportunityand buy her a gift , but I never got around to it and I thought I might come accross as too serious. I'm kinda shy, so I can't just come up to her and tell her how I feel, like some other guys can. I'm not sure if she feels the same way 'bout me. As u can see, I really need help. THX

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You need to post some more information so we can help you, maybe you could tell us how you two get along (other than having conversations), or if there might be clues that you pick up on in how she acts towards you, things like that, because if you don't tell us these things, how are we going to know if she likes you?

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Hey, buy her a belated-birthday card. Present it to her in person, and just tell her you were thinking about her.


If I were in your shoes I'd try talking to her more online, that is where I feel the most comfortable (it's a problem I have .


You said you sit next to her, is this in HS or college? Is it assigned seating?

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