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Feeling ok...feeling down:(

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Don't fret, 22 is still very young. You shouldn't let the opinions of your parents get you down, you'll find that most parents haven't got a clue as to what they're talking about, but they talk anyway for the sake of it. You're not doing any differently than millions of people your age, myself included. Don't worry, you aren't alone.

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22 is still very young.. You've got your entire life ahead of you still. Feel lucky you are so young and you have so many options open to you still.


I'm only 20 and for a bit I was really down after my breakup thinking I will never find anyone now because all the good people will be taken.. It didn't take long to figure out that I was pretty stupid for thinking that. We're in our prime and now is the time to do all the things we want to do.


Learn. Experience. Enjoy life while you are young.


Yeah I know.. I wish it was that easy too.


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hey lilu,


some words of encouragment, wasting time on education is never a waste of time... for all you konw, you could not going to school and just sitting at home doing nothing...the fact that at least you are going to school at least provides you with some groundwork for a chance at a better future tomorrow.


and listen to everyone else out there, 22 is indeed very young.. I didn't read up your previous posts but it's also very young for marriage also. I went out with my bf for 4.5 years... i'm 20 right now and he's 26.. i thought i was going to marry him... but now that things didn't work out...*eh* at least you konw now better than finding out 9 months after you guys got married.


just learn from the bad parts and treasure the good parts...take the time to heal and in time, you'll see that 22 is nothing...life is just starting... you'll be doing school.. meet a lot of people, then find a job and meet more people. .and one day, when ur really happy with who you are ... mr/mrs. right.

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Thank you very much for taking the time reading my post, you guys =)

Yes, 22 is still very young. I still have so many things out there for me..and can acomplish anything i want. I just need some time off from my house. I have been argueing with dad recently, and it is getting me very sad. We cannot get along right now for whatever reasons. Well, it might be that he thinks I am still wasting my time for not knowing exactly what i want to do with my future. But anyway, this is why I need to get out of this house, town, state for a few days. I am going to FL...to visit my cousins for a week. Sunny weather, nice beaches...oh yeah...I think that can cheer me up a lot .


Again, thank you so much for your time and advice. =)



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