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UPDATE: Told the Abuser Off.


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So he kept texting telling me that we need to be friends. Friends? Friends after he beat on me cheated on me and treated me like Cat Manuer for almost a year. He was horrible. He is still in denial that his treatment was so bad. Finally I just got tired of being nice and I went off on him.


I said the following:

"I dont like who I am when i'm around you. U have nothing I want. If I was so important to you than you would have never cheated on me, beat me, tortured me and hurt me like you did. I have something good in my life and I'm not going to let it go for your "bullshi#" friendship. I don't like who you've shown me you are. So keep your CD's your stolen photos of me and underwear and shove them up your evil A$$. You'd be crazy to think I'd ever want to keep contact with a person as evil mean and horrible as you. You need to leave me alone and seek some help, cause my Daugher and I deserve someone better in our lives than someone like you. Goodbye".

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