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Are small businesses less professional than large companies?

Double J

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Here's why I ask:


I started working for this small business about 7 months ago. Everyone in the office seems fairly nice. But what irks me about this company is that the lines between "social life" and professional life" have become completely blurred.


With only 15 employees - most of whom are girls in their early to mid 20's - I sometimes feel like I go in every day at 8 am to meet with a big clique of "buddies" rather than a group of colleagues. These people convene almost every weekend now, whether it's for happy hour, a road trip, or the like. Nearly everyone has a profile on facebook featuring pictures taken with each other (aka drinking) at the different gatherings.


The head honcho for the company comes out in several pictures sticking out his middle finger and acting flat-out goofy. Aside from his regular duties as a manager, the guy handles HR even though he doesn't have any previous training in that area.


Don't get me wrong: I have and will continue to go out with them once in a while. But I feel they've gone overboard. Since there is no HR Dept in place - at least not yet - everything is so loosey goosey that I feel it hurts the company's credibility. Our office hasn't been around that long, and we're still fighting to get health insurance. Although we're in a travel/entertainment-oriented industry, I think a more serious atmosphere would do the company some good.


I'm sure it's not always good to become so connected with colleagues. What happens if the friendship ends for whatever reason and you're left having to work with your buddy?


I'm all for close relationships in the workplace, but going out almost every weekend is probably a bit too much. I'm also thinking that the company's small size lends itself to this, and the fact that most of the employees are salespeople also counts for something.


I suppose once the company starts growing, I'll begin to see several small cliques rather than one big one.


Has anyone ever experienced this? Can you guys weigh in?



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your right. now i wouldn't generalise small business's and large, because theres many cases, a serious small business would be more proffesional because it has more resources to expend to its clients, rather then running the business itself.

but your office to me sounds like this pub i used to work in, people treated it as a social meeting and not work. hell everyone who worked there was pretty much dating each other. the thing is, i found it pretty easy to get to the top in a place like that, just by actually doing my work and doing it well. the thing is you mention the company growing, if people arnt putting in the effort, do you think its gonna grow?

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