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I feel like I'm losing her...


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My girl and I have been together for a little over 5 months now. I'm off in the Army and about 2 months ago she started University so we hardly have the time to talk to each other anymore. I knew that there would be less time between us once she started uni, but starting about a month ago she started going out with friends every night and sometimes coming home as late as 1:00am. This bothered me a bit and I let her know how I felt. She assured me that she loves me and that she was only out having fun with friends. Nothing else. The problem isn't that I don't trust her. I trust her a lot. It's just that I get really paranoid when I don't hear from her.


Without knowing it I started to turn into the one thing I always said I wouldn't become. A jealous boyfriend...


About a few weeks ago the green monster got the best of me and it hurt our relationship. I showed a side of me to her that made me seem weak and not at all attractive. She told me that despite that she still wanted to make it work between us.


Its been about 2 weeks since that happened and our relationship seems to be in a good place. But ever since then, she hasn't said those three words to me like she used to. This worries me because I'm afraid that because of what happened she might be losing interest in me, and I don't want to lose her. I don't know what to do.


Should I keep telling her I love her and hope she says it back?

Should I find some way to make her fall in love with me again?

Should I play it cool and wait for her to start saying those words again?

Or am I just over thinking it?


Please give me some advice.

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I used to be a jealous person. It sucks. I refused to allow that type of emotion get the best of me again. That relationship didn't work out. The following one did.


All you can do is give your best effort. Be yourself and just, as you stay in shape physically, stay in shape mentally. Make sure you are confident in yourself!! Realize that this relationship may not last, but if you maintain self confidence then you will be ok. If she can't get past your previous behavior then that is her issue not yours.


All you can control is yourself and your behaviors. You can't control anyone else or make them feel anything.


Sorry there isn't some sure fire way to make it all better. Just be yourself.


Good luck.

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