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fallen for best friend

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ok, so here is my perdicament. I welcome all advise, and appreciate everyone who is willing to take their time to read through this, so thank you in advance. I have a history of falling for my best friends. I did it twice in Highschool, but both times the feelings werent mutual, so nothing happened. I'm in college now, and i have fallen REALLY hard for my best friend. She is the sweetest, most caring, cutest, loveable person I think that I have ever met. We are best friends like i stated, and do SO much together. We go out to lunch(just us 2) in little italy, goto movies together, always walk to class together, i call her in the morning to make sure she wakes up, we always talk to eachother, wait for eachother for meals, always hang out in eachothers rooms(we live 2 doors away from eachother), visit eachother and talk over vacationb breaks.ya know? like really great best friends would do. I broke up with my girlfriend awhile ago, and she broke up with her boyfriend, but then started sorta dating this other guy, but that has pretty much ended. She tells me things that i am really good looking, and really smart, and flirts with me in those ways. Im pretty sure she knows that i like her, b/c i think she has talked to her roomate(a mutual friend) about it, and i have gotten some of the story, but i have NO idea how she feels about me! All our friends have always seen us as ending up together, and really perfect for eachother. I am really scared of hurting the friendship, or making her uncomfortable though. I have been "waiting it out" for a while now, and i cant stop thinking about her, everytgime i see her i think i like her even more!! any suggestions on what i should do? THanks!!



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Dear Friend, there is nothing unusual...and dont worry abt "wht she would think abt me". i also passed thru the same phase and i waited for 3 years

before revealing my heart. and she promptly turned down my proposal. she said she alwayz wanted me as her friend. and still remains so.



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Usually the "best friends" are the girls that you would want to stay away from trying to date - they usually get the answer that the dude in front of me got...


Now if you want to at least have a crack at it, you know that there is some feeling there for you; there's a chance you might hit base.


Next time she says something in a flirtacious way, give her a positive response. Maybe flirting back, or making a funny remark. If she responds to it positivley you know that she can see something happening. I think you can take it from there...

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girls can be tricky sometimes.... my best female friend is much like yours... she's perfect, sweet, caring, kind, gentle, funny, easy to get along with, good to snuggle with, perfect like i said...


I told her how i felt after probably 6 years of friendship.... I told her flat out... xxx you're perfect for me... you're exactly what i've been searching for and exactly what i need... i love you...

She kinda took it as a shock but we've had the same feelings for each other for quite a while... damn near since we met but we never acted n it... still haven't but i'm not worried about it... I love her no matter what.. whether we're together or not, whether she's with someone else or not... it doesn't matter... as log as she's happy, that's enough for me...


Now i'm assuming you would like to date this young woman (otherwise there wouldn't be a problem right?).. Be honest. tell her how you feel. It's tough cause there's always the thought things won't be the same.. well i'll tell ya, me and my friend have gotten a lot closer since.. she recently broke up with her b/f of almost 2 years and i've been helping her to cope, a shoulder to cry on baically... whenever she's ready to move on i'll be right there waiting and we'll probably end up together but we shall see...


So my advice would be to be 100% honest. don't sound like an obsessive scary guy, but let her know she's on your mind and you think the world of her...

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