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I told a guy he was gorgeous and now he's acting different

If He Likes You He'll Do This -...
If He Likes You He'll Do This - Harsh Truth

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So I met this guy the other day, he seemed really friendly and seemed like he was interested in me. He basically couldn't keep his eyes off me. I took advantage of that and told him that he was goreous. Now when I see him he seems either aloof or shy, more shy than aloof. I don't know if that turned him off or if he's trying to avoid me now or he's just plain simply shy. And if he is shy, why would he be shy after I told him that I thought he was beautiful? Shouldn't that give him more confidence? I'm confused.

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I have only been complimented on my appearance once in my life by a female co worker. It wasn’t anywhere near “you are gorgeous”; it was just a compliment on how I was dressed that day.


At first I was sure that she was making fun of me because I had never been complimented like that. I stood there dumbfounded for at least five seconds. I definitely acted shyer around her afterwards. It never turned into anything because I was 19, and she was 29 at the time. I have always been told I look older than I am, not sure if that is a compliment or not.


It definitely made me feel like a million bucks for a few days afterward, it was quite a feeling. I usually have a similar feeling if I manage to carry out a conversation with a woman as well. It doesn’t happen often but it is an awesome feeling when I manage to do it.


I suppose it does give the person some more confidence, but he was not expecting it and is at a loss for words right now. Keep on trying to talk to him, and have regular conversations. Try not to overwhelm him and try and get him more comfortable around you. You’ll find that us shy guys have allot to say once we are comfortable around you. Good luck , and have fun.

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