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Me and my girlfriend were together for 6.5 years, all through high school and most of college. We had a very healthy relationship. Things got bumpy and we decided to break up for awhile. We were going to try to be friends, I thought we would get back together. I thought we just needed to take some time to "find" ourselves. All went pretty well until she started dating my best friend at the time. (a canadian noless) I had suspected he liked her prior to us breaking up and talked with both of them about it. All of his friends and himself said he would never do something like that. Low and behold a month after we break up, they start dating. I told them both individully that they had betrayed me and that He was never to speak to me and that I might call her sometime way in the future. Was I wrong? Just looking for a little feedback.





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Sorry for your pain. Hate to say it but been there done that. It is a pretty tough thing to deal with. What you must realize is they both had a hand in it. You can call it betrayel. She could say you were broken up. I have found that some people can do that sort of thing and it never bothers them one bit. I could never date a friends ex no matter what. You did the right thing for you. Now you need to move on, and do not let the resentment build up. It will tear you up. You do not need to compete with this guy. You are you and you gave it your best shot. A year down the road you may not even remember her name. Maybe she will come back after being with him. I have found it very hard trying to take ex's back. When I lose the trust it is gone. Take it slow and heal. Start thinking with you head and not your emotions. Remember the good times because that is all they sometimes leave us with.


Be Strong.



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Yes you did the right thing ! I was in a relationship where my ex would talk to other women behind my back about our troubles and what not and I considered that betrayal ! You are so much better off knowing than not.

It hurts I know and the anger you feel is beyond words. But take the anger and hurt use it to heal, better said then done I know but, your gut feeling is usally the right one. She should of been more upfront with you. That's where trust begins right? Take time to write down things that you want and need in a relationship and keep it . This relationship you had will never be the same even if she came back.The trust was broken even if she does'nt know it yet you do. Please pm me any time.

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Hey man,


I understand how you feel and i really do feel your pain. The same thing happened to me almost 3 months back. I think you did the right thing, i did the same, i know you probably dont want to hear this, but just try to keep away from your ex and her bf, i know it maybe be difficult, i still see my ex and "friend" quite often. If i see them i just say hi i rarely make converstaion with them and i generally stay away if i can.


I wish there was something which i could tell you to make you feel better but i can tell you from my experience it doesn't hurt so much as time goes by. I was destroyed when my ex broke the news to me I was so hurt and angry. Now i've accepted that its happened. I still dont agree with it and i'm still uncomfortable with them two going out but it gets easyier as each day passes, sometimes i still get a few days where i feel low. I'm slowly starting to feel like the person i was before i met my ex and i guess that means i'm healing. I know how you feel though, there are still these thoughts which run through my head; Do i miss her? Yes. Do i love her? Yes. Do i want her back? No, the trust has gone. So its time to move on. I wish you the best.


Good luck we're all here for you.

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