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So I went into work this morning with a plan and expectations. The plan was to only acknowledge things she said to me, to limit the amount of contact and to focus as much as possible on work. The expectation was that things would be awkward and there would be a lot of unsureness and silent moments.


It turned out to be quite the opposite. She was talking with one of my close friends as we usually do before the start of our shift (we've all talked together since before we started seeing each other, its actually how we met). She was telling him about the new tattoo she got 2 hours after we broke up (Her ex's initials surrounded by stars on her wrist). The conversation shifted to some problems my friend was having with his relationship and then onto other menial things. The problem was she flirted with me the whole time!!!! At first I thought I was just looking for a sign or something and was reading too much into things. but afterwards, my friend took me aside and asked if we got back together or something and other people were noticing too and thinking the same thing. All day she would do things like run her fingers through my hair, or give me a nudge on the shoulder if I'd make a sarcastic comment about her, or stick her tongue out at me. As well she did a few other things that would to most people would have little to do with flirting, like giving me the finger or tell me to kiss (or bite) her A**, but in our relationship those things had other meanings, they were almost like foreplay, it meant "I want you to do....to me".


All this did was confuse me further. I wrote her bff about this as she has been helping me understand what is going through my now ex's head. She is just as confused, apparently yesterday she swore there was no chance of us getting back together, but now she is flirting with me like she was before we started dating and she was trying to get my attention. Are these just mind games? is she just confused? what's everyone's take. I just want to get past the pain and move on with my life, but she isn't making this easy

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