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Valentines day ideas for my guy

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Okay, I dunno why I'm even thinking about this, but well I want to do something for him. I'm away here at college, and he's at home. I want to give him something or do something for him. But I'm not sure what. We really can't have a like... sexy night alone, because we both live at home... So I'm not sure what to do... And he doesn't like sweet stuff, so I don't want to buy him chocolate... So I dunno. Any help?

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The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. You could write a poem, send a card, write a letter; not every gift has to be store bought. As long as you let him know you love him, it'll be good enough. You'd be surprised how a nice loving gesture can mean to a guy. Hell, a really warm hug and a sincere kiss will do wonders. The gift can be the warm moment, of your company. Those are the gifts that last, those are the ones that really count.

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Spending Valentine's Day away from your boyfriend must be difficult. But, there are ways to add some "sizzle" to your relationship.


1. Make a surprise box for him. Inside the box, put little boxes that each contain a token of your love to him, such as cards, poems, pictures.


2. Write him a poem. Or words to your favorite song.


3. Get some Hershey kisses. Take the strip of paper from the kisses and write little notes or fortunes, such as "I can't wait to be with you." Re-wrap the Hershey Kisses with the papers and send them to your boyfriend with a little note saying something like, "Whenever you feel lonely, have one of these." He doesn't like sweets but I'm sure he'd really enjoy the sayings you write.



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