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should i do it or not?


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no.. she never cheated at all.. she was awesome.. that was my ex-ex that cheated on me.


Oh my bad, read a thread from 2006.


Either way, i wouldn't send it. 3 weeks isn't long enough for her to collect her thoughts and think if she misses you or not, even more so because you've only been NC for 4 days. Pouring your heart out might seem to her as a desperate and manipulative attempt to guilt her into coming back to you, and that won't give you the results that you want.


I'd say give it a little more time, let the dust settle a little bit, and then if you feel like contacting her then do so, but not pouring your heart out, just casually.


They usually get in contact with you if they want you back.

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well ileft the letter on tuesday night on her doorstep. she text me later that night to tell me thank you and to ask if it was ok to write me back tomorrow. Well I waited all day yesterday no response. I havent heard from her since she text me the night she got the letter. I cant believe my ex would just blow me off like that, but i guess i see her true colors now.


I am glad i left the letter though, because her silence speaks volumes of how she really felt for me which makes it easier to move on..


this is day 2 of NC for me and i will make it!

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