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I've posted a couple of other times about this girl that I'm very into, but when I did so, I thought I had no chance with her whatsoever, because I came on too strong initially.


Today, I had the first contact that I've had with her for some while. I'm in college, and part of my job is to sort the mail. So I was there sorting, when she came up behind me and grabbed a letter from her box. At the time I didn't know who it was, because a lot of people constantly pass by (mailboxes are right next to the cafeteria, and it was lunch). She said something like "Goodie!" and I recognized her voice, and turned around, but she was already walking away by the time I processed that I finally had a chance to talk to her. Strange thing is that she didn't take the letter. On her way back I saw her out of the corner of my eye, but pretended not to, because I figured she was gonna grab her letter, and I'd have a chance to talk to her. She didn't... but I'm 95% sure she was watching me as she passed.


Unfortunately, I lost her, and couldn't find her when looking later. Well... now that I wrote it out it sounds silly... but it's already typed, so I might as well hear the feedback to confirm.

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