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is this a big greedy n selfish? do i have reason to be a bit annoyedd

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my mum had my daughter all weekend so i i went with friends and my BF on saturday to a nightclub that closes at 4am... after had a couple of friends over at my place and we basically carried on till sunday afternoon.


we were drinking all sorts and at one point my friend and BF went to the shop together to get a couple more drinks and snacks... they came back with a big bottle of malibu which they paid £10 each for (about $18-20 each).

the malibu never got finished before my friend went home and there was still well over half of the bottle left


i text my friend this morning to say that i would pour half of what was left in a diff bottle n give it to her on thursday so she can drink at the weekend before she goes out. ... then i notice the bottle is gone so my BF has obviously taken it home with him without even mentioning that he was or finding out if my friend wanted the rest of what was left.


i am annoyed as they BOTH paid half each for it but he jsut took it home without mentioning it as if he had paid for it all... i don't want my friend to think my BF is a greedy so n so... but i wont be seeing him before thursday now


i text him n asked him why he took it n he said it's coz he was doing me a favour as i would prob end up drinking some of it (which also annoyed me also) . he also said i am being reallyl petty over a bottle of malibu..... but its not really the fact its a bottle of drink... its the fact that him and my friend but half the money in eacfh and he just takes it with him without even asking my friend if she wanted any more of it.


do i have reason to be annoyed or like he said.. am i being petty??

im hoping she don't come round and mention the malibu again

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It's a bit of a petty issue, but I see where you are coming from. At the same time, in every circle I have been in, leaving anything consummable behind (food or drink) -- one should not expect to get it back. The problem here is that you TOLD her you would give it back, so either you pay for it or he pays for it. (If it were me, I would just buy her a new bottle and call it even, and make my bf take me out to dinner.)

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It is petty (sorry). I have brought over food drinks to someones house and left what wasn't consumed. I never expected that stuff to be given back to me. Especially poured into a different bottle. I would have said, "No, thats OK, keep it".


I guess I am not much of a scorekeeper. I figure things always wash out in the end.


Let it go. You are getting upset over approximately $10 worth of booze. Seriously?

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the reason why it has annoyed me is becuase he is quite well off but my friend earns alot less then him which is why i said i would put half of what was left into a bottle so she could drink it this weekend.... but now i have to tell her that he just took it home with him.


it's not as if he even left behind what was not consumed.. he made sure he was the one who managed to take it home


another thing that has been annoying me as i have thought more n more about it ...is that he sais he took it home so that i wouldn't touch it. it fact its making my blood boil a bit... i wouldn't have touched his silly drink anyway but it's like he didnt trust me enough not to drink any of it and has got all parent like on me as if he is my dad n sais "i was doing you a favour in taking it home in case you fancied it one night n drunk it" that's the sort of thing i'd expect from a big brother or a dad.. not a friend or a boyfriend. i feel he took away my right to make the adult decision to stay away from it. i would never touch something that a friend had left behind at my house and i have never ever given him reason to think that.

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