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this really stinks..

My girlfriend Doesn't Ask Me Ab...
My girlfriend Doesn't Ask Me About My Day [Here's Why with Solution]

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I spent the day with my girlfriend today and we both seemed kind of distant from each other. So later today i was sitting outside with her and i asked her whats wrong, and started talking about how she doesn't like to show affection.


She told me that she is like a "wall", she doesn't show when shes depressed or sad, and just keeps it inside. She also said that she doesn't like to show affection, like kissing or hugging and such all the time. I asked her why and she said she doesn't know and has been trying her whole life to change.


She also said that i'm more into the relationship than she is, and that she feels bad and thinks im getting the short stick in the relationship because of her. She says she wants to spend time with her friends, which she does now so i don't see the problem with that.


I'm kind of upset right now because when we first started talking, she was all "i miss you" "kiss me" "i want to cuddle with u" and its recently started to go away. She also said that starting a couple of days ago she feels as if maybe we went too fast because we made it official only after a month of talking. I told her we just need to work on it.


I mean after we talked with each other i felt a little better and i feel like i closed up a lot of loose ends in our relationship, but i still feel upset about it. She says she likes me but how can i know when she shows me little affection. And sometimes it feels like torture because i want to kiss her and she will deny me, or i want to cuddle and she doesnt want to.


The worst part of it is that i don't want to leave her because i really like her and we really get along well. I don't want to pass up something that could end up being really good.


i dont know what to do

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well i vented to her today about some things..i think its ok now, im not sure though, just had to tell her that i miss her affection and she said that if she didnt like me then we wouldnt be spending most of her day with me.


and her actions changed back to normal or is this just smoke being blown?

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