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A quick question on the penis


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Q1 So I remember always wondering how big the averarge was.

Now after reading im above average in length but I wan to know about girth. How do ppl measure this im 6" at the middle seciton of my penis. That is taking a piece of string and wraping it around and finding the girth, is this the correct method?

I was told the average was 4.5' and I think this might be why it hurts my gf all the time.





Ok so if you have a longer penis that your girl can handle what does it hit when you push in?

And will this ever expand because I feel it has a little on my gf but it still hurts her.



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According to the Durex condom company, the average circumference (girth) is 5 inches. I suspect some black guys weighted that average to the high side. I think it is closer to 4.25 inches for white men. You should measure the circumference at mid shaft. However, for practical concerns, and bragging rights, it is best to take the widest point, without including parts that would never be used in penetration.


To all the men who question their penis size: While it is true that women find well hung penises to be visually pleasing, size really matters less when it comes to sex. Many women would rather make love a man with a 4-inch penis than a man with an 11-inch penis if the 4-inch man knows how to use it. From women I've talked to in my years in the health care profession, it seems that extremely well hung men just want to "jam it in" for their own pleasure. Four to 6 inches is just fine, as long as you take time to make love to your woman.

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The Hyte Report is the most intensive study on penis size.


Average Penis size is 6.1 inches.


The earlier comments about "black guys" lifting the average is rude and not based on anything other than a gut feeling, not statistics.


It is true African American's average is larger, but by less than 2% of the normal average. It's 6.18 inches, again from the Hyte Report.


If you ever quote numbers, then you should quote the study, hopefully one which is done by Doctors.

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You know.. I think I stand to be corrected. I think you're right. The Hyte report was done by Doctors, but the measurements were done by the participants. Thanks for that correction.


So, it makes me think, if anything 6.1 inches is the largest average there could be because the participants would skew upwards if anything, I imagine.

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