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Strange problem with Mom


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I'm a little worried about my mother. She has an awful, and very peculiar eating habit that sickens my father, brother, sisters and I. She does it alot too, and gets very defensive when we tell her.

Anyway, for the past few weeks or so, my mother has had massive cravings for...Gravy. She'll literally eat it at every meal, most of the time without anything, and it's disgusting to watch her eat it. She lets it hang off of her mouth, uses a fork and makes a horrible slurping noise while she's doing it. It's just disgusting, and my father, sisters and brother both think the same thing.

Tonight, I cooked a frozen pizza, but my mother decided to make herself a huge plate of gravy. JUST gravy. We all sat down and she started slurping up gravy with her fork. My dad got up and left the table, and told my mom to stop, to which she started whining "Quit it..." "Stop it..." "Leave me alone..." She never responds to our questions about her strange fondness for gravy, except when she uses those 3 lines...

Is there some kind of eating disorder that this could be linked to?



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