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How to Keep a Man Keen After Sleepi...
How to Keep a Man Keen After Sleeping With Him

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Yes I have had success with it. Everyone makes eye contact but what you do with it is the trick. Most people will look away way to soon! Don't stare but don't be in a hurry to look away either. Wait till they look away and when they look back (if their interested) make sure you are looking their way and smile when you catch each others eye. Look for them to ask their friends to look for them to see if you are still looking their way also. If there is something there walk up to them and say "Hi"......I couldn't help noticing how pretty your (eyes, hair, smile) is" take it from there.


good luck


I am straight but people are people and it should work.....I think.


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When you walk into a room, people will naturally look to see who walked in. But the eye contact game is to learn how to hold someone's gaze just long enough to register interest. And then if you follow up a mutual gaze with a smile, then half the battle is over.


People who look away really quickly are not interested (or are waiting for someone and were disappointed that you werent the one they were waiting for!), or too shy. And if you care enough to look, if they are interested, they will turn to take a second peek at you if they are really interested. (But of course, if you have also looked away at this point, then you will miss the second peek).


Guys (both gay and straight) being the pervy animals that they are, will often start looking at a face, and then the eyes will travel straight down the body. In cases like that, you may have to wait until they finish and look up again in order to make eye contact.


And if you are looking to pick someone up, sometimes it helps to go out with a "wing man" (or girl), which is something straight guys do all the time. They can tell you who has been staring at you all night long.


good luck!

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