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this happened a while ago and it's still bugging me. Well I had the hots for this girl in college and I told a couple of people that I liked her and now everyone knows. Basically people wold go up to her and start bugging her asking if she liked me. This got to the point where I thought she hated me I basically tried smiling at her and she wasn't happy it and it felt like I was shot down *debris just lying on the floor. After this incident I found out that some people started some nasty rumours about me and her. But anyway things have moved on she's seeing someone else and yet she stills seems to be interested in me. I keep thinking to myself is she that serious cause of the amount of time she's been interested in me?

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Well it took me a long time to get over it I work in supermarket and I saw her once she gave me a great big smile and I sort of ignored her as I had other things on my mind. You should have seen the look on her face seemed disappointed. Last week I went to a party and saw here there she was selling raffle tickets anyway she came over to where I sat and before she said anything she smiled. Next I looked up eye contact was intense like I was being probed and then I looked away as it was too intense and she started talking in a friendly way. At that moment my mind went blank as I coundn't think of a thing to say. A few minutes later I walked past her and she seemed to get really close. I mean initially she was interested in me and I just got a bit excited. Yesterday I was walking to university and saw her in a car with her hubby and she sort of stared at me and she realised what she was doing and then suddenly looked away. I mean it's things like these that get me confused!

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