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See you as Friend or More ?


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What are some ways to tell whether the girl is interested only in friendship or more? Sometimes I browse around ENA and girls would complain how they'd feel disappointed that guys she have no interest in comes onto them. I've made this mistake too but found out she has a boyfriend.


On the other hand, I also have trouble setting the tone early in the friendship that it is just going to be platonic. Some of them will have high anticipation, and then 2 months later, realized that I have no interest. Is there any way to somehow set the tone early on? I thought this wouldn't be an issue if as long as they're from different ethnicity, but same scenario happens.

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If anyone could produce a magic formula for this, bottle and sell it, they'd end up a millionnaire!


One of the most fraught, nerve racking bits of human inter-relationships!


That's true.


But then of course, I may not be looking for a 100% accurate answer, just what people do / feel in that specific circumstance so I can have better grasp of different perspectives.


I mean even when darkbarf is a bit rude, he made me think about my interactions and just tint my perspective in that comment for a few seconds.

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