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Had something really weird happen to her the other night.


She looked it up, and it said it was the starting of an anxiety attack.


She was at a resteraunt and felt really dizzy and totaly zoning out. She felt like she wasn't her, and she had to look at pictures of me and my brother and herself on her phone because she couldnt remember who she was. She's never had that before, and she's going through a divorce and has ALOT going on, its just about to get finalized too.


My brother also had something 2 years ago where he was seeing nothing but rainbows.


And I've had 2 fullblown, hyperventilating panic attacks, anxiety and paranoia at times, and when I get up from the couch my heart stops sometimes and my whole vision slants.


I too have had the "I feel like I'm in a dream, or I'm totaly zoned out feeling."


But I've NEVER had the dipersonalization thing happen to me, where I didn't know who I was. Usualy when I feel like that I have no thoughts.


It was just really weird that she had that happen.


What do you think was wrong?

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Wow, I feel really bad for your family. I don't know but it sounds like too much stress is making your mom disoriented. Since she's going through a divorce maybe things have been going downhill in your family for a while and that's why you and your brother are stressed out as well. I would definitely recommend counseling and some anti-anxiety meds.

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Well we both have Xanax, and I take it when I feel crappy, but I've been really trying to limit it. Like no more then twice a week. It's only 0.25 mg, but still. My mom's is much higher.


But counseling wuld help, but you have to go alot and its expensive. We all have really busy lifes and cant really make time for that.


One thing that really helped me before was when I was always so absorbed in a book, I would read book after book after book, and write. I felt truly at peace.


But I haven't written anything on my book in about 4 months, I have mild writers block and ADHD. Just can't get to sit down and write! And reading ADHD aswell. I have this new 750 page book, and normal I would finish that in 2 days but I've only gotten to page 130 because its so hard to just sit down and focus!


I also find that when I'm talking my mom through her problems and giving her advice, I feel alot better. Although I can't seem to follow my own even though its really good.


I told my mom about this place, and she is going to check it out. She may join.

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Well she hasnt been taking it often.


I told her I think its because she's supressing all of her emotion and not showing any of it, crying really is a release. She's keeping it all inside.


I think if she just cried it out for a little bit, she would feel alot better.


It really does help. Sometimes I just cry when I'm feeling stressed or frustrated, there isn't anything thats really tragic in my life it just helps as a release at times.

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