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What To Do If They Cheat - Do this First

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Hey, last night i was extremly drunk and i ended up going back to my friend dorm and having sex. I put on a spermacidel killing condom and tryed to go from there fr a bit, etc and realised i could'nt even get in. So tryed with a newer condom cause of the fact the lube may have helped and i think i may have got in for a few seconds but then i ended up saying * * * * it taking it off, then trying to go without one.


now when i was going without one

I probably was only in for a little bit.

Didn't cum or even come close to cumming.

I was extremllly drunk + im on anti-depressents that make it even harder to ejaculate.


Now even tho i used spermacilde lube'd condoms, and didn't cum


is there much of a chance of her being pregnant from possible precum?

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I know we are both good on stis

it just happened last night


Is there much of a chance really?


I have ocd so its hard to take my mind off it.

and like i dont even think i was in her that much at all, or even that hard through it all.


I had alot of trouble getting it in, so i donnob ut still it may have had a little pre-cum


but even with the spermacilde lube from the condoms there may still be a chance?

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yes however, i know the sperm to reach the egg however precum can do it cant it, just its extremly rare


so should i not worry about it?


You cannot really worry about it now.

The chances of pregnancy are almost zero.

Just don't make the same mistake next time.

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There is always a "chance" though I've heard conflicting reports on how much sperm is actually in "precum." Most likely her being pregnant? No, but it's not for certain.


In the future I suggest cutting down on the alcohol a bit if it muddles your judgement so much.

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Im 18, she is also 18, we are both first year university students.

Its just the way it is here.

Just finished midterms so everyone is getting drunk relaxing.


Unforntaully i had the wrong size condoms so i could'nt get them on comfortably and ya i was a little too drunk then =/




I just really reallly didnt want to get her pregrent


and iv heard that precum doesnt have as much sperm but i mean i know there is a chacne, there is stil a chance if she is on birth control and u use a condom


just sort of wondering how much of a chance

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Precum can contain sperm. Yes, the chance is very small. For god's sake, call her and convince her to take a morning after pill. She can still take one now, and both of you should have learned one or more valuable lessons from this.

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I guess I cant understand that because both me and my boyfriend are in college.


I go to a smaller one and he goes to TEXAS TECH and he would never do that, even if he didn't have me. Not even his single or my single friends do that.


That's not something I could never let myself do. Neither of us drink either. Not into partying anymore. Was hardcore into the rave before (no drugs) and now I want nothing to do with the party life.


We are both 19, 1st year aswell.


I'd say, you don't need to be worried about her being pregnant though.

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And um if she was on the pill you have nothing to worry about.


I'm on the pill and my boyfriend pulls out. IF The pill is taken perfectly it is one of the best forms of protection. More so then condoms. The pulling out is an extra precaution because I cant use condoms.


But if you used a condom too, you have nothing to worry about.


expec if it was JUST precum and she's on the pill.

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She should probably take the morning after pill, just to be on the safe side. As others have said, the chances are low when it is just pre-cum but there is still a small chance. She will just have to wait and see if she gets her period. At-home tests do not work before then. Maybe the blood test at the doctor works sooner but it definitely takes a bit of time to detect pregnancy.


I think right now, the most important things are that she take the morning after pill and that you go get yourself tested.

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They are not. If you don't believe me, by no means identical:


link removed


That link didn't work for me. Would you please summarize the difference between STIs and STDs? I honestly thought they were two different names for the same thing. Thanks!

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