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How to talk to this one girl..


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Okay I think I'm starting to like this one girl who sits at the bench right next to the one that I sit at lunch everyday at school, but I don't know her name and I've never talked to her before or anything. Do any of you have any suggestions on how I could ask this girl for her name and how I should go about starting a conversation? I'm usually a pretty outgoing guy, but around people who I don't know or am meeting/talking to for the first time I can be a little bit shy. I have confidence, just I don't know what to say to her! BTW, I'm 14 y/o high school freshman.



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Hey steve...Here are some quickies you might want to think about....


* If she has AOL or AIM you might want to ask her friends for her screen name

You could maybe start a convo with her on AIM by you know...the "hey", "so, how's it going" type of stuff and tell her how your day has been going. Then, say "So, tell me about yourself....what hobbies do you have, what sports do you play, ask her questions all about her....and talk about her for a majority of the time. (that will show her that you aren't all about yourself, you care about her, too.)


*If you want her to think you want to already "make some sort of commitment" (I dont recommend doing this for the first time you talk), but ask her friends for her #......


Before my gf and i went out, i always asked her friends for her #, screen name, last name etc...


* If all goes well from all of the above, then ask her to go to the movies or somthing just "for the heck of it" and see what hapens there....say if she leans on you (or you might haveto step up and put yer arm around her) then she might like you.....


But, just think about these and i hope these help....If you want to, i would be glad to talk to you through AIM (just click on the AIM button below this message)



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