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So some of you know my story. 4 year relastionship ended, got back together, and ended again in the most painfull of ways. After that i really wanted to find a girlfriend. But its kinda hard getting back out there. Well, i dated a few girls but nothing really worked out. I didnt feel really good about myself. I tried to listen to tapes and read the books suggested, but they didnt help much. I kinda found myself having a hard time getting out of b ed, and i let myself go abit. I had a friend who took this program, which he suggested i try, and i did. it worked really well. It had these modules, and i'm cheap so i didnt pay for it right away. I did the first part. It was free. It got me out of bed and back leading a normal life. It helped alot. helped me see what i wanted, cause i totally went after the wrong girls. How to talk to the girls i wanted to get and how to really date again.


I dont know about you guys, but after 4+ years its kinda hard to get back into the dating game. I did really good. I bought the program cause it was really inexpensive, and worked hard at it. It was an online program called the dating matrix. If your interested, its at link removed or something. But anyways, i noticed this one girl i always wanted to go out with.


So i finally talked to her and i really felt like a new me. I know its not macho to say stuff like that, but for some reason i had alot of confidence. We started talking and we found we shared alot of the same interests. She loves anime (yea we both are geeks), and loves hiking and camping. Well, we just causally started to see eachother, and have lunch together and stuff. Then one day she invited me camping with her friends. We all got along really well, and had a blast. We got to share alot, and it wasn't like my last relastionship. There wasn't fighting, or cheating, or mean things said. I wasn't always wondering what was going on. She was very open and honest (cause thats what i wanted and i learned from the program thing to identify and go after those types of girls), and we have been really happy together ever since.


So as i'm writing this, i want to thank everyone here who listened to me and give me advice. I wanted to share the program i went through, cause it worked for me and was really easy for me to follow, and i wanted to give some hope. I don't really cry. But right now, i have the girl of my dreams next to me, who i love with all my heart, and a tear of happyness. She's smiling at me while i write this. We are getting married in 2 months, and have only grown closer. For those that think they wont find another.... I have never in my life been this attracted to a person physically, emotionally, spiritually or connected with a person like this. I'm not marrying her because i want to spend the rest of my life with her, because we already know thats what we want. I'm marrying her now because i want to see her in a wedding dress. And because it will make her smile. So, yea, this is my succuess story. I feel like i cleaned up at vegas. For the first time in my life i'm not just wanting things to stay the same, i'm looking forward to the change, because i've been taught that now. Both with the the dating matrix and through her. Though she thinks it's kinda funny i had to go do that just to speak to her. But it was totally worth it. I wish everyone the best. I'll try to stop back in again. I know we usually fill this forum with problems and not enough good things, so just this once i wanted everyone to know that after a dark storm there is a rainbow.


- Charlie and Katie

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