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How do i make girls flock to me?

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i want to be the guy who walks into the room and a whole bunch of girls start talking, im not bad looking or anything, but its not like im reallllll hott, haha....ANYWAY, im not shy, im incredibly outgoing actually, i have tons of friends, im not big on sports, i love music, acting, and im a pretty good guitarist, are these qualities attractive, if not what qualities are? a pretty general question but you know, im just tryin to find someone, i want to be the guy who picks the girl not the guy waiting to be picked, Holla baq now...incubus rocks...

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Girls dont like anything.They dont like desperation and they dont like a man who wants to move slowly,so what do they like?

Well,as above stated try asking some girl out or talking to her.

Girls will never ever flock to you.Because that dosnt happen to anyne unless you look like Brad Pitt or you're a footballer or Rock star,rap star.

Girls sometimes make the first move with lads but only lads they find really hot.

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i have to say get a good hairstyle that is right for YOU. i used to have boring hair that didnt suit me and then i made a real effort and there i was girls saying to me ''like ur hair''. and definitely get stylish clothes 4 non school uniform day of if you dont have school uniform get some really cool clothes it worth the money!!!

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