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...and joy comes in the morning (or: eureka!)

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I really hope that this article helps someone smile:

link removed


so i was thisclose to taking, my ex back. he was horrible but 2 months without sex will start you thinking loopy.


anyhow, as i was saying


this ------->


and then i stumbled accross this funny, sweet, great article.


THIS is who and what i'm waiting for.


yes, i understand. this is about an actor on his best behavior in a nice hotel waxing poetic/witty about a film...that's not a "real" representation of a guy. got it.


but there was a quality and a character to the whole thing that hit me like a beam of sun or ton of bricks.


THIS is why i'm not going back. so i can move closer to THIS.


now, jason segel may not do it for you all, lol


but this was my moment. my aha.


let me get off my butt. put the ice cream down. hop on that elliptical and get on the road to FABULOUS.


maybe i'll find my new "this" along the way.


....let's see how long this resolve holds up huh?


keep on trucking guys.

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