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"Boyfriend", "Girlfriend"... What's In A Name?

280+ Unique Nicknames For Girlfrien...
280+ Unique Nicknames For Girlfriends

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To sum up my background with the girl in question here: I met her about 5 months ago on an online dating site. We've really hit it off, we talk on a very regular basis, and the time we've spent together has been great. In any other situation, I would have officially asked her out a while ago, but unfortunately due to distance, we've only seen each other 5 times since we started speaking. Or that is, spent about 5 days/dates together. This weekend will make #6.


At this point, I think she realizes that she's the only girl that's been on my mind romantically, and I like to think the opposite is true too. However, she's made a bunch of little flirtacious suggestions that someday she'd like to be my "girlfriend". We even have an in-joke thing where we refer to each other as "not-boyfriend" and "not-girlfriend" to make fun of this little in-between state. The thing is, I've pretty much considered her as my "girlfriend" for a while now, so I'm a little confused what she is expecting to change between now and after I "ask her out".


Girls, what are some of the big differences you expect from a guy between the time when you start dating/get to like each other and the time that you become "official" so to speak? I'm relatively inexperienced but I've been treating this girl with the kind of attention and affection I would treat a girlfriend, and she knows I'm not pursuing/interested in other women, so I'm not sure what she's asking of me. Advice?

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