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Broke up with Ex - have to still live with him until JUNE -

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I've never posted on a board before, but I going out of my mind with this problem.

My boyfriend and I of 1.5 years broke up the first weekend in Jan.

We have a lease on our apartment until June. I can't afford to move out yet (I'm getting a second job to help with that) - and he won't leave either.


He's very arrogant, and seems to enjoy lashing out at me - and commenting on something he KNOWS will hurt me - my softest spot.

There's no arguing with him, because I always seem to end up even more hurt if I continue to do so. Do you know any one like this?


I've tried ignoring him, but I get so INFURIATED.

I hate the thought that he thinks he can just be such a jerk, and I go crazy thinking o f what to say to really hurt him back.

That sounds bad, I know - but I am at my wits end with this!


If anyone can relate, please post.

This situation is taking it's toll.

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i can't really relate with this but maybe to solve it from being hurt maybe you can go live with a friend for awhile until the lease is up and then find a place either with a friend or by yourself. just keep paying your half of the rent and just go about buying food for yourself and maybe sometimes the friend and clean up around their apartment for them.

don't let your ex get to you. he is gonna do everything in his power to upset you, but it doesn't necissarily mean it is true. just pass it by and just say "im sorry you feel that way." that would get on his nerves. but don't try and say things hurtful to him cuz then you are only thinking on his level. well hope this helps



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