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Observations on healing

Healing Depression - Positive Affir...
Healing Depression - Positive Affirmation and Inspiration

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Ive found that i always get Very low before i get better, it comes in waves. Ill slowly sink as the days drag by, then i will hit zero, then like magic the next day im ready to take it all on.


As for my situation, i finally have my two midterms that i was dreading, and i believe i can complete the assignment, which is a hell of alot better than i thought about it before. I have a interview tomarrow morning ^_^, ontop of that if i can find a place for my beloved dogs, i have a roomate that i can move in with. By the way guys Craigslist is a very free and reasonable source for alot of things, anyways, the guy has his law degree and was a poli sci major, like me!!!! if i moved in with him i could have some additional help with figuring it all out, my work/career/future. To top it all off, a new girl just moved in next door and introduced herself and we had a nice convo... fancy that.


So my friends today is a new day.

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