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I was going out with the wonderful lady for about a month and a half. After each date, we could tell that we were into each other. Except for the first date, every date ending in a long kissing session with lots of tongue. When we were together, I could tell she was enjoying herself. During the month and a half, she went away on vacation and called me back the day she came home. So, it looked like she was interested.


Last weekend, we had three dates back, to back, to back. A cooked her dinner at home and we watched DVDs, second was a fire at the beach, and the third was a comedy show and a relaxing evening in a hot tub with lots of kissing and holding. But, after that last date, there was no long kissing session after the date, just a peck on the lips. When I called her two days later I asked her out to dinner on Thursday, and said "call me later and if I fell like it, let me know." With that and the peck on the lips, I though something was wrong. Well, I called her Thursday and asked her out and she said yes. She also said that she had something to tell me.


After dinner, she told me that she spent the last few days thinking about us and looking deep inside of her to find the chemistry, but there was none there. She wanted to find it. She told me that I was a very nice guy, great looking, and that nobody has ever treated her like a princess before, which I did. She almost started to cry and asked me to give her a call so we can hang out again, because she would love that. And she then said that she wanted to "Be Friends." She said that she is still a wild person and likes to be a little immature.


I know it was only a month and a half, but I really, really liked her. I could tell that the chemistry was there, but it seemed like it died off. It was weird that at first she was into me, then not longer. I was beginning to think that I may have been too romantic and did too much, too soon …Cooking dinner at her place, fires, strawberries with whip cream, hot tub with music and candles, etc…


I have read the forums about the "no contact rule" and going to try it. I would like to be friends, on my level, and maybe I can re-create the spark by doing something that she likes to do for fun. It sounds like we wanted more fun and wild times.


So, did I move too fast? I think so. She already knows what I can do for her, romantically and affectionately, maybe I just needed to go slower and have more fun times first.


I want to give it time, try the no contact rule, and she what happens. Give it a month and hopefully we end up going out, having fun, and I can maybe re-light that spark. After 8 years of looking and bad experiences with exs, though she was the one.

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The 'no contact' thing might not work for you since two months does not quite solidified a bond.


But silence is always a good option since it will either help both move on or make her realizes how much you mean to her.


Maybe hearts are being worn too much on the sleeve this year.

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Yes. Reading posts about the "no contact" rule dealt with those in relationships that were at least a year.


I am going to move on. Can not sit here and wait. Maybe I will be her friend.. not sure. I know once you are in that "friends" category, there is almost no way out. I am just going to leave it for now.


Moved too fast because I thought she was the one from the beginning. Should have taken it slow...

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