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Is my relationship comming to an end ?

Truth About Cell Phones In A Relati...
Truth About Cell Phones In A Relationship

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This is in conjunction with a previous post weeks ago viewed here.




Ever since the cell phone issue, it has been really difficult to see my girlfriend. She is still in high school so I go twice a week to her school's lunch to spend time with her and see her. But since she still owes that 1100 dollar phone bill, she is still grounded from everyone, including me. On Sunday night, my girlfriend calls me an we chatted for a bit. She said her mother was going to allow her to talk to me an hour a week. So i'm thinking that her mother still wants me around someway because she isn't even allowing her best friend to call her or vice versa. I am a nice guy and her parents really like me.


I'm just so afraid since we are not seeing each other on weekends and spending alone time together is really going to make us think differently about our relationship. Iv'e been dwelling on her leaving me for another guy and she told me she thinks i don't like her anymore ad is afraid im going to leave her for another person. I'm just feel helpless, i have no control over the situation

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