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Have you EVER?

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hey everyone,

i guess its just the way im feeling right now, wondering if anyone can relate?

and well how do you understand or cope with this? i mean when someone digs deep, gains emotions to find out inner aspects of your lives, you spill but they run through not being prepared.

i dont know maybe if you read, youll understand *smiles*




if you knew me

you wouldnt be with me

if you understood

youd never care

if i held your hand for comfort

im guessing youd never be there


ever wanted to know

ever stood back and looked?

ever wondered where pieces fit in

when a piece is miss'd


ever wanted to listen

yet in the process you arent prepared?

ever offered your advice

and through the answers you are scared?


ever wondered what youd gained

when all you can see is loss

nothing but a bad output

has now come accross


so did you truly need to know?

did you ever want to see?


i stood back and opened up

i reached for you hand

but grabbed thin air!


thanks everyone.


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Kel, if this is truly how you feel, I would say it comes from low self esteem.


One question though, are you writing this poem in the first person, asking us questions. This appears to be the case in the first stanza. Or are you writing it from the viewpoint that we should be asking ourselves these questions?


But as to low self esteem, this is something a lot of people battle with. Including me, quite badly at times. We have to think positively about ourselves somehow.


If we believe in yourselves, then once people see the inner us, they won't be as apt to leave. You'd be surprised anyway, surprised at how compassionate a lot of people can be if you give them a chance.

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i think i know what you mean, and i guess it fits with the way ive been feeling and dealing with things recently. thanks for that Ash, and i believe you, there would be alot of people out there who are compassionate, its a matter of looking for them *smiles*


i wrote it, as you said in the first stanza through first person, the rest kind of works on two levels, asking both the reader and me ending with my own realisation to date. well thats how it seems for me.


i guess if you want to answer the questions thats fine, but i reakon i was just trying to get people to think. they may have been negative or positive thoughts but that depends on the person.

still thanks for the analysis, never thought id have pretty bad self esteem, but then again, you never know.


what can you do about this?




p.s. thanks, Ash x

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