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I am almost fluent in Castilian Spanish and ready to start practicing in public and at work. I was wondering if others may think this is rude or indifferent. Or if other spanish speakers may view me differently?


I'm asking because I live in CA and the majority of spanish speakers obviously speak Latin American spanish (Mexico, Central and S. America)


The reason why I speak Castilian is because I lived in Spain for a bit and picked it up there and just followed through on it. It's just a different dialect with a different pronunciation on some of the letters. But I'm concerned about using it at work and such...

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Well, the thing with practicing language like that....is that unless you live there, you really aren't learning the language that specifically.


So, practicing spanish in any dialect is still very beneficial. Due to slang, you really can't properly learn a dialect unless you live there or are around people who live there quite often.

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i think you might get teased in a fun way, by your different pronounciation. (i'm learning spanish, but trying to learn castillian, because am contemplating moving to spain, so i am practicing that, not latin american). I don't think it's any different than someone who is learning english in europe - many countries teach british english - and then if they come to the US, they should just use whatever they are most comfortable with.


at least, the mexican guys i've tried to speak castillian with, they just tease me a bit.

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