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It does get better, please have hope

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I know a lot of you reading this will feel as if you will always feel like you will never heal and move on, but Im here to say you will because I have a lot, and it's been just over 6 months now, you will go through every emotion thinkable, hurt in every way possible i've been there it's so hard I feel for you all who have had there heart broken, but please believe me you will get through this one day, we will all get thorugh this together.


Stay strong people, one day at a time.


I needed to post this as it helps me release.

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Hi there,


I'm one of these people. Me and my ex broke up two and a half months ago because she was moving miles away for uni which has now happened. It was so painful having been going out for this girl for 6 months since jan 2nd of this year. I asked her out the day after new year when after knowing her as a smalltime friend not too long beforehand, got on with her like a house on fire at a new years party we were both at. Until our subsequent break up on July 20th.


In that time I shared so many memories with her, my band winning a regional battle of the bands, going up edinburgh for a nice day out together, a close friend passing away and having her shoulder to cry on and her soft voice for support and our high school leavers prom where she looked absolutely stunning. It all disappeared and now all I have of her is my memories. We've both said that there always a chance after university is finished. Theres no harm in keeping the book open for the now.


I hope that like you, I can come on this and say I am completely over it or write thread after thread about how some other girl has managed to steal my heart.


This girl had my heart and was the first one to do so and I was her first love, me and her both were the type of people who couldn't use the L-word unless we truly meant it and saying to her pretty, glowing face that night that I loved her after she told me felt so right.


I'm feeling alot better than I was to start with, the hefty depression. I sometimes still get little relapses or bouts of sadness that we are no longer together, even after two and a half months apart. We still talk and text every so often, which is good i suppose but I miss her as a girlfriend.


Your thread has helped me get all this out, thanks.



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