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All Over - New Thoughts Brewing (Vent)


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Well my relationship of just under 2 years is over. She went away for a week and was distant and I felt it. Anyway when she got back, we spoke for roughly an hour and decided to end it; which was a hard decision to come to, but the right one. It was basically due to a conflict in interests, but ultimately, for the best.


Anyway, the first night was quite hard. Its been 3 days since then, and I imagine I'm still recovering (not too sure how long this will take!). I actually feel quite good.


However, just recently popped onto the good old Facebook. I've never been really secure and can be quite jealous at time, although I am reasonably good at controlling my emotions. Well, there are new pictures from the trip, where she seems to be a bit more.. adventurous (not the type of girlfriend behaviour one would hope for) as well as just.. different. Hard to explain, but it doesn't seem like the person you were with for the last 2 years. It kind of just hit me in the face then. Not that it really is over, but that this is hurting to an extent.


Its a shame things couldn't have ended on a more considerate note (rather than the painful distant behaviour first). However, I've taken some steps to help relieve myself from my own thoughts. Deleted her number in my phone, removed her as an IM contact and removed her as a friend on FB. I will be able to maintain NC easily (besides from the occasional run in at college I imagine). I'd also like to note that I do not want her back.


What I'm worried about is becoming bitter. Whether its her new experiences or relationships. I also thought she would have contacted me by now, as I would like to think this meant something more to her. But alas, it seems she is quite disciplined with NC too.


Anyway, I just want to know how I can go about handling this situation in a way that will see my recover as soon as possible. I have a few distractions to help currently, and am planning a trip at the end of the year with a good friend of mine. I'd just like to get her out of my head so I can sleep. Should I be going out to meet new people right away? I still love her, but I want to start a new chapter in my life.


What has everyone found the best way to recover and find real happiness after a long-term breakup.


Many thanks all.

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