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Should I try dating someone who is divorsed

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I just met someone who is 6 years older then me and he has alot of women friends. We've agreed to not get to serious right away just go out and have fun but I'm a cancer and has stronger feelings for him. I've told him I'm interested should I show him more.

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The only way to find out whether there could be more to the relationship is to give it a try. There really isn't enough information in your post for me to say one way or the other that it would work.


Give it a try. Be open with him and see where it leads. You could be pleasantly surprised

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I've meet this older guy who loves a lot of the things I love, is easy going and we enjoy each other's company. However I always vowed not to get involved with someone much older or with unnecessary baggage. I'm 23 and just finding what i want out of life.


Now I'm a bit confused - I love being with his guy, he says he loves me and wants to be with me, i am afraid of allowing myself to return his feelings -- It just seems as a direct way of complicating my life that I have been working so hard to keep simple.


Am I being superficial by putting age, kids and ex wife as a major factor? Should I give it a try or say no and risk losing somethign that could be one of the best things in my life?

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