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So nervous about the future!!!!

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Ok I think I am letting my emotions run away! In an attempt to reign them in, I am just going to put them all down. Any advice would be much appreciated!


I have a meeting at 2pm to discuss my future with the coordinator of my program. We are going to discuss my resume and classes and whatnot. I am so nervous. I am going to pursue a whole new career path. I have spent all my life in my career field. I started when I was 16, and I am now 29. I am going to be a paraglegal.


I have heard tons of horror stories about graduates not finding a job after their internship. That and when they do, insurance is not offered. That makes me ill. All this hard work and to wind up at a job with no benefits. Especially since I have to quit my full time job to do my internship. Internship and three classes and 40 hours a week is too much.


I want to move out of my mothers house. I moved back in so I could afford school and to be there for her after dad died. I am so ready to be out of there! I need my own space and to get on with my life.


Then I have all these doubts that I am not going to be able to do the work. I have made fantastic grades, but, school and the real world are different things.


If any one out there is a paralegal or has done an internship like this please, let me know what your experiences were like, and if you have any advice, it would be so very much appreciated. I would also love any advice from folks in the legal field who have worked with paralegals.


Now I going to take some really deep breaths!



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I work in the legal profession part-time when I'm not teaching. Most paralegals are their own boss and work freelance. At least here in L.A. they are. A few work for the big firms, but they have to have been doing it for quite a while and have connections to get the job. Still, it pays well enough that you should be well able to afford health insurance. Parallegals are in great demand, as are court reporters.

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I just returned from my meeting! Here are the highlights:



1. Three changes to make to my resume - minimal changes


2. There is a job opening in a town close to me that practices the law that I want to go into.


3. The internship is not paid, but its is an internship that will lead to fulltime employment.


4. I will have to take three classes in the spring


5. She wanted to know my GPA, and I had no clue. The she looked at the bottom of my resume at the honors, awards, and achievements and said, "Oh nevermind, I see here you are more than fine in that department.



Needless to say I was very happy! Though it is an unpaid internship, and I wont have insurance for a few months, it would be a start in the right direction.

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