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Girlfriend told me I am too small...

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I fear I already know the answer, but here goes... My girlfriend wanted to have sex with me entering her from behind. However when we tried, I kept slipping out. Finally she told me that my penis is just too small to have sex that way. I knew I wasn't "big", but to hear her say that I was too small was a really humiliating. My penis is 5.5 inches long. Is this too small?? Honesty appreciated.

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NakedBob, I think that your girlfriend was frustrated that the position you were trying wouldn't work, she unfortunately said some rude and untrue things to you. She probably doesn't even know.


You can have sex "doggy style" with an average size penis and smaller (btw 5-6" is average). It has more to do with position than anything. Also is your girlfriend on the heavier side? Extra padding can make it more difficult to reach as well.


Your GFs statement was uncalled for, rude and showed very little respect or care for you. If you desire a serious relationship with this woman you deffinately need to talk about this situation, if not it will most likely fester and cause serious emotional difficulties.


Good luck, and remember you are not alone!

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Hey guy. You're more than long enough. Trust me on this.


I suspect she wasn't in quite the right position. She likely needs to drop her shoulders more, arch her back, and rotate her hips to meet you. As for you, you should have both your legs between hers, she needs to have her knees apart somewhat. Trying to have your legs wider part than hers will make it next to impossible. Also, have you knees further forward then hers. That will rotate your hips in toward her, and her hips out toward you. Her knees should be a bit behind her butt, having them more forward toward her head won't work as well. Think of being between her legs, not behind her so much.


If you want, you can try going down on one knee, between her legs, and have your other leg to the side, knee in the air (think like on a sports team, where the coach tells you to drop on one knee). This will 'free' you up somewhat, the angle will be slightly sideways, but your thighs won't get in the way nearly as much. Move around a bit to find the best angle.


Don't give up. Hopefully her comments are out of frustration because she wants this to work out too.

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Dear nakedbob,


Oh dear the stress you must be under! I know your problem may seem minute, especially to others, but I am happy to say that 5.5 is average (on the lower end but still average size).


You must understand that size is just that. However, if you really want an opinion as oppose to a solution, then my opinion is men worry way too much about size. It's how you make us feel in bed that's important. And it takes more than just Mr. Johnson to make us feel good.


As for a solution, well, maybe you should trade your gf in for someone with a bigger heart.




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You have an average sized penis. thereforeeee, why don't you tell her she's too large? I mean, if an average sized penis doesn't fit in her, what's her problem, why is she so loose? I'm being mean in a joking manner of course, but you get my point. You, of course, should not say that to her, but the fact is, what she said was really stupid. Profoundly stupid and uncaring.


For some girls, you are the perfect fit.


I have had girls call me too big, too small, and the perfect fit. The fact is, their vagina's were also too big, too small, or the perfect fit. It's a 2 way street.


So, you have an average sized penis, the same as about 50-75% of the population.

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Hey, your size is normal. While I've never measured lol, I'd say the guys I've been with fell into that range, and it's never been a problem.


Ash had some good suggestions - and if she has trouble maintaining the "hips up" position to give you a better angle, have her stack some pillows under her hips to make the "hips up and arch" easier to maintain. This is also a position she really needs to let you control the rhythm, try holding her hips and having her RELAX as much as possible. The "girl on top" position can have much the same problem, since the angle tends to be slightly different, it's easy to get out of sync and slip out. It's not a size issue at all. A girl's vagina stretches and relaxes to accommodate the penis from it's usual 3 inch depth, so this is definitely one of those things that just takes practice.


Hopefully her comment was indeed frustration that it wasn't working right, this isn't something you should have to deal with being tossed at you in the bedroom! She could always do Kegels to tone herself down there if she thinks size is an issue or could be in the future.

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well it's not that small no. but the avg. (now this is only what i have heard for my ex bf and other guy friends) is 7 inch's. well how old are you?


theres no way its 7".


I have heard lots of different supposed "average sizes" but they all hovered around 5-6". 7 is actually a fairly large size, and if you get a ruler and look... its deffinitely not "average". Myself am just over 7, but I am taller, and have bigger features (feet, hands, etc.). Your member will be proportionate to the rest of your body, in just about all cases.

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No, I've never seen the average stated as 7 inches.


A bit under 6", like everybody else says. And don't forget, even if it still seems like you're shorter, it extends inside the body to some extent as well, so mentally, you can tell yourself you're bigger than that.


Also, keep in mind, even 7 inches is big enough to hurt some people. And when you're in the midst of it ... you REALLY don't want to have to be concerned with holding back to avoid hurting her.

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