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Advice on techniques for pleasing her*male/female responses


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Hey, I've been with my girl for a while now and we've been exploring our sexual sides. I've gone down on her and know that I'm doing something right because she trembles and starts breathing harder. Thing is that I'm not sure as to where her clitoris is located and need some help on technique. Not just with oral sex, but intercourse as well. I've talked to her and asked about things she likes but I don't always want to be doing that. I really just need some pointers as to what works best. Any advice you could give or experiences you could share that you think would help, I'd appreciate. I want to be able to please her as much as possible, and need some good advice.




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hey...ok im a girl...and well i think the best thing that my boyfriend does when were doin it...is fingering me..but with his thumb...and if u have fingered your girlfriend...well..heres soem pointers..some ppl in the past when they fingered me they moved theyre whole hand and it just felt like a big mess...but this guy does it REALLY well, and he just moves his finger inside of me and ocasionally he moves his hand in and out.... its sometimes just logical things...just think...when 2 ppl r having sex wut movement do they make]? and try and copy it but with other things..( fingers..etc) and baout not knwoing where the clitoris is..i know but its hard to explain especially over the internet...but look..


if that doesnt work go to link removed go to images and type "clitoris" and u´ll see some diagrams there, and then just click on one...and other things than can turn a girl on r simple things liek kissing her on her neck or breathing hard in her ear ...not too hard though!! it turns me on when my bf moans in my ear....other things to try...

anal sex (use condom it gets messy!)

69 (both of u at the same time...try laying sideways its easier)

for something more creative..give her a stripties!

when she´s making you horny squeeze your hand on her thigh or shoulder and moan or pull her closer to u and moan....hey! it turns ME on!

when you guys r kissing hold her head, put your fingers through her hair..make it sexy!

.....ok thats all i could think of now....but if u have any questions about anything..even something thats not here dont be afraid to PM me i check my msg´s every day and i would love to help ANYONE out ok?bye!!! hope i helped

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Hey there, courageous question.


Her clitoris is up fairly high. Easiest way I can describe it, slide your index finger straight downward, middle of her body, through her pubic hair. Just below it that mound, you'll feel where her labia (lips) start, and your finger will drop into a softer area of tissue. Well, it's right about there. There's a little flap of skin (hood) that may or may not cover it when it's stimulated, it depends on her. When she gets very excited, you will likely feel it as a hard little bump. If she's not exited, you won't feel it at all. Size varies drastically. Keep in mind, most of it is buried in her body, just the very tip is noticeable. Direct stimulation can be too much, you may have to be around it rather than directly on it. This applies for both fingers and oral.

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I love telling people what turns me on, giving them advice on what to try on their SO.


When my boyfriend goes down on me, he sticks his tongue all the way in me and moves it around, it feels AWESOME!!!!



He also gets near my clit (when you find out what that is) and moves his tongue up and down it really fast.



He also moves his head back and forth, side to side.. and it feels reallyl really really good. I'm not sure what he does when he does that, but omg it feels good.


When he is tongue my clit, he also fingers me, it feels good also...



hope this helps



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