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All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
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Women Of My Dreams


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Redefining the boundaries,

Of what it means to be whole,

This women completes my life so much,

Like she's the lost half of my soul,

She'll probably never return this,

Frankness may scare her away,

Heres hoping that's not the case, however,

I want her now to stay,


Walking through the troubled times,

That women by my side,

Marriage, kids, the whole nine yards,

A family would be my pride,

Growing older together each day,

Love with-standing all the tests,

To hold her forever in my arms,

Will bleed out all the stress,


And if saying it makes me corny, who cares?

Because in this my words are true,

If I had to choose my one right now,

B, it would be you....

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