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girl is not ready yet..? help plz

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Ok i'm only 18 and this happen to me twice


meet girls, after a while they told me their not ready cuz they just ended a relationship not long ago and just want to be friends




So the 2nd time this happen was in college, and I had a friend i know ( a girl ) that her friend told her that she would like to meet me, since she saw me a few times in the halls.


So I didn't had time to meet her or have a date with her, but we talk on msn and texted via cell phones for like 2 days. She was really interested and everything but after a while she said:


She doesn't feel right cuz she broke up with her ex a week ago, and she doesn't want to go out with a guy just to forget her ex. (I do understand this)


Then she said, i just wanted to tell u this before it goes to fast, but I still want to talk with you and have friends for now.. Then anyways she said shes sorry it went a bit to fast but its because her and my other friend didn't present met correctly when i first saw her.


So what should I do? Give her some time, talk to her, be friends with her, and maybe later she might be more interested in me? Because SHE was the one who wanted to meet me, she was the one who saw me in the halls and though I was good looking I guess, then spoke to my friend and knew I was a cool guy so.


(The first time, few months ago, I realized it was almost the same story expect the girl only said she wanted to be friends but she didn't like me that much, but I was the one to approached her so.)


Thanks for taking the time to read this and helping me out.

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just stick around as her friend... that way, you'll still have opportunity to know her more and likewise let yourself be known. if you enjoy each other's company as friends then most likely the situation might develop into something romantic. takes things one step at a time. ^__^

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