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a little insight would be nice ...

willie d
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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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what can y'all make of this???


So here's the run down...

I like this gal. We'll call her E. (she and I live a good couple hours from each other , and are the same age) E and I met and started talking a little over a year ago and have continually hung out through out that time. Problem is, about 3 months after meeting, she got back together with her ex-bf. At that time, she quickly made the statement that she most definitely didn't want to stop talking/hanging out with me. (just a little back story on them... they don't live together, he is quite a few years her junior, and they've been split at least once in the 2-3 years they've been together) when i asked about why they split up, she said it was the age issue, and that it still comes up from time to time.


So over the last year or so we've done quite a few things together, both alone or with our kids. Sporting events, theme parks, camping, concerts, watching movies at each other's house, museums...etc ....you get the jist.


THe mood is generally flirty between us, and we get along great. i've given her multiple backrubs or foot rubs, and there is the generally flirty touching going on...i.e. touch on the arm, leg...etc She refers to me often as eye candy (which i'm assuming means she thinks i'm attractive?)


we don't talk too much about her bf, i've never met him the whole time we've been hanging (he IS real...lol)...she has one picture of him visible in her house..oh, and there is a momento holder she keeps in pretty plain sight full of stuff that we've done together...along with some other stuff as well, but pretty much everything we've done is in there. On one of the rare occasions we did talk about it, she mentioned she knows it's not gonna last forever. it could be over in a week, a month or in a year. but that she wasn't ready to be done with it (i imagine they get along decent, and breakin up is hard to do)


Recently i found myself having pretty strong feelings for E, so i decided to be honest with her about it. at first i got a favorable response... saying that if she were single, i'd definitely be the guy she'd be dating. I elaborated a bit more on what i was feeling and got a response that included the phrase 'longer we are friends, the more i think of you like a brother' directly followed by 'but i also don't know what the future holds'


to futher confuse myself, lol after i told her of my feelings, and before she responded, i asked her to go to a theatre show (essentially a date atmoshphere... nice dinner, wine, theatre...etc) and she was more than happy to say yes.


soooo i guess i'm lookin for some opinions here... especially from a woman's point of view. Pretty much everything else leading up to that 'brother' comment was a complete contridiction of that word. IMO, she felt pressured when i decided to up the ante , per se, and let my feelings be known and she isn't ready to split with him.


just curious/confused about her behavior....and wondering what other's opinions on it are...

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