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Nerves, concentration, and anything that's good for them.

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Hey all.


I absolutely need your advice on:


I get nervous way too easily. I have my secret, inner outbursts of rage every time i get a little tired, every smaller (not to mention greater) difficulty makes my life turn into my personal little hell. It passes in a day, but i'm getting really sick of having to spend half my life this way. It leaves me only half my life to live and be fine. And even the smallest amount of stress makes me depressed - even if only for a day or so, i hate this situation quite bad enough.


I know i am physically weaker than most people. Exercise actualy dosn't really help because it just makes me exhausted (and puts me in an extremely bad mood, unless i do only a very tiny bit of excercise). Well, being tired for me means an extremely bad mood. It used to mean suicidal... then i learned to live with it and stop believing it would last forever - but i think it could still be improved. A lot.


In fact, it's a simple thing...

my nerves are simply not very strong. I am just too sensitive, I lose the balance easily, and then i get tense and angry with the world. I can't concentrate on stuff any more, cant enoy life, and feel useless anyway.




Can you suggest anything that's good for someone's nerves?


Anything that could help me stay calm and balanced when i'm in stressful situations. (including even only slightly stressful ones, as being in a group of people.)


Please give any advice, as banal as healthy lifestyle, no coffe, no smoking, vitamins, whatever... i'll definitely do as you say, if it can help.


Or do you know about any kind of vitamins, minerals, sport, yoga, etc that could make someone a bit more balanced? I really mean anything... you might have heard of hints and advice, but more pieces could be a bunch of extremely helpful information for me on how to live my life.


Sorry for my weak English, and thanks for all advice. It is dearly appreciated.

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Yoga. I was much like you minus the people anxiety. I took up yoga and it not only helped me relax mentally and physically, it made my body stronger without putting any stress on it. I never could do the harder poses, but the simple breathing excercises and relaxation techniques helped me quite a bit.

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