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Tragic Sorrow and Sappy Romantic Poetry...


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This is something I wrote .. a dream about a boy I have loved since I met him and knew him for 3 days this summer, he lives real far away and haven't seen him since... I just want an opinion of my poetry. Tell me if it sucks, so i dont have any illusions alright>


Alone in a room cold and white

Wrapped in jackets and baggage all

Weighting your soul

At a twisted desk in the child's chair

Your gaze held the walls in blank stare

Down the corridor I floated

As though my only destiny

Was to see you again

And your eyes turned to me

Muddied moonstones ablaze with golden fire

Reflecting all around you emptily

Reminiscent of worlds that I never did know

Sparkling with old promise that had always

Been too rich to be real

The only wish I held so long

Through the lonely singularity of a photograph

Sure that Loved Too Young would be my epitaph

As I struggled to forget

But how smoothly sweet it felt to remember

To touch your face for the first time

In millions of years

Wanting the subtle brush to be enough but, Oh

How could you ever know

How much I have loved you?

Naught a word spoken between us

Certain at how soon I would see you again

Turned and ran round the corridor bend

And your dark friend

Slapped me with the truth of your love for another

One thousand miles should have been enough to prove

We could never have each other

And when I turned around, you were gone

And everything was like it had always been

No blissful embrace

No wonderful whispers with which to

Lighten my load

How reality retaliates against the foolish, it seems

Fleshing you out in frigid misery

I can't even have you in my dreams

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