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Well this crazy story starts back in late June early July of this year. My friend had just got a job at a gamestop near my house. I go in one day to visit him and see how he likes his job. There is this girl there that is working with him, and i didn't really give her much thought at the time. we butted heads a little while i was there.


A few days latter my tells me that she was interested in me. He tells me that after I left she asked who I was, and that she thought that I was cute. At this I started to laugh, me...cute. Ha that's funny. Any way I go in the next day that she is working i start to talk with her, one thing leads to another, and then she takes my cell and puts her number on it, and tells me to text her. Well I didn't have texting at the time, so I told her that I would get it after I got back from my vacation.


So I go away to Japan fro two weeks, and comeback, and start texting her like i said I would. One day at the end of her shift, she asked me to come and see her. so i head over to gamestop and see her. She was out at her car, and was wearing her clubbing clothes. We talk a bit, about how I'm really flinchy, and back away every time that she goes to touch me. I just don't like being touched all that much. I was hit a lot as a kid. any way this little meeting ends with us making out, me getting my first kiss, and me smelling like cotton candy. we have a few more meeting like these. sometimes I would go over to her place and we would hang out for a bit. One night she even introduced my to a few of her friends. they were pretty cool, we ended up going to a pool hall and playing for a 45min. we would have played longer, but I had to be home. It sucks being younger than her.


so we keeping going on like this for a few months, and then I came to an abrupt end. She ended it with me, because she said that i didn't show her that I liked her. that i wouldn't open up to her, and that every thing that I had told her was a bunch of BS.


I will admit to the fact that I didn't open up to her, but I just don't know how, because I never had to for anyone. but i did care for her. i even skipped school to be with her. and when she said the things that she did, I wanted to cry like i never had before. but the tears would not come.


so what I'm asking is; is it worth is to try and get back with her, and If i do try. how should I go about it.

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sure is.


tell her this was all new to you, that you didnt realize you were doing what you did.


tell her how you feel, buy her some flowers or do something sweet for her, and see how it goes. if shes up for another go- great! if not, let it go.

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