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Going through hell? Keep going!!!


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I just wanted to check in and say that this is the first time I’m on here writing because I am so deliriously HAPPY! 99% of the time when I write on ENA I am miserable and dealing w/some relationship drama or my ex from hell or some sort of angst. I am just writing to offer a glimpse of hope to all the frustrated and lovelorn.


To all of you sitting in a BAD roller coaster relationship or thinking about going BACK to your bad, drama filled relationship where you know you are not being treated properly or where you know you are not in love with that person, because you are afraid you will never meet someone special, I say this, DON’T DO IT!! Do NOT stay/go back to your bad relationship. You are cheating yourself or you are cheating them!


I am 33 years old and have had so many heartaches that it’s ridiculous that I am even still trying but yet I am!! There were so many times I wrestled with myself over exiting some relationship because I was afraid I would never find someone great. Many times I got back with an ex because I loved him even though he had proven over and over that he was not a good person and that our relationship was bad!!


I spent the last two years of my life miserable… the first year was in a roller coaster relationship w/someone that did not deserve me…. And the second was the aftermath of that relationship, where I still loved him and dealt with him and put up with him and was unable to move on because I could not cut him out of my life. It was not until I fully accepted that I was treading water, going nowhere fast and that unless I did something drastic to break the cycle I was never going to be happy!


So my drastic measure was leaving the state in which I lived. It has been 3.5 months since I moved and although my life is not perfect, I am already a thousand times happier! And I met the most wonderful guy that I have been dating for 2 months now and it is so healthy and I feel so appreciated and attended to. I can’t even believe how much time I wasted accepting less than I was worth.


So please do not give up hope. NEVER EVER accept less than you deserve, especially in love!


And remember that complacency is NEVER a good thing!! If you are miserable whether it be with work or in your marriage/relationship… do NOT give up because you are AFRAID. IN the short term YES this will involve hard work and probably loneliness but push yourself to find something better. I know it’s not always easy… but the results in the long term are SO WORTH IT and you will be forever grateful!

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Its nice to know that there is sunshine wiating to come out. I know that i don't always see the positives. Right now is a really hard time in my life. I know life goes one...and i know i deserved better...but carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders is too hard. I've thought about leaving...but my family is too important to me to leave.


Anyways, good post. Good to know others have treaded water in relationships and became happy when they were over.

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