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I have been looking and posting my resume to several companies for the past 4 months. An agency called me wanting to interview me for a job that I applied for.


Not sure what to wear and I'm a little rusty on the questions they ask you. Once in particular "what don't you like about your job right now". Even though I want to change my career path I really don't want to sound negative. Any suggestions.


Also, anyone here had any luck with getting a job through an agency. I notice most jobs now are posted by agencies. The job I was interested in was part time but I'm really looking for a full time position but the agency said that they reviewed my resume and would still like to talk to me.


Thanks, Kelly

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I've had a couple of jobs through agencies and a couple more interviews. Has been a good experience so far, especially in gaining new skills and confidence.


From what I remember of interviewing for agencies, the questions they ask are focussed more on working out your skill level and the kind of work you want/are familiar and whether you want full/part/temp work, so they can line you up better with vacancies. A


Also, half of them had me take a computer skills test so they could see how I am at that.

It was mostly word/excell ability and typing speed. Nothing to worry about if you're familiar with computers.


Dress smartly, but not over done - skirt, pants, blouse ect. Groom well and make a good impression - the person you are dealing with is most likely the person who will be trying to get you taken on, and the better impression you make with them, the better your chance of getting openings.


Take with you your bank details and passport/ID/NI card so that if you are signed up you have all your information with you.

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I like using recruiters, they take some of the work out of getting interviews. As for what to wear, I always say dress for the job you want. I interviewed people that came in wearing a polo or a sun dress and right off the bat I wasn't giving them my vote, unless they really wowed me.

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IMO, suit is the best option for an interview. of course not necessary for all jobs, but i am just assuming you are talking about career level jobs here.


Almost all schools/colleges have certain common questions with sample answers posted on the career management website. just google it and you will find plenty of them.


here's an example:


link removed


hope this helps..


how long have you been at your current job? if you just want a career change you can mention something along the lines of "I feel i have stagnated in my current position with the company and i am looking to explore other challenging opportunities in a different area"

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