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Girls and badminton ~

Katipunan prime badminton center at...
Katipunan prime badminton center at Marikina Heights | Michael's Hut

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Recently, I have met a few new girls in my life (on separate occasions) but there always seems to be one thing in common. Our conversations normally start with what we did in our weekends so I mention badminton, snooker and going out with friends for a bit to eat. Immediately, on 3 occasions (coincidence or what?) they all bring up the topic that we should play sometime.


Is it badminton a sport that girls love or are any of them interested in me? I don't know them too well to work out from their signals but they do seem to be friendly to most people so it's impossible to tell. One thing for sure though, I'll be playing lots of badminton in the next 2 weeks!

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