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What you think of my song(Rap)?


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Ever since you and I ment


I've been keeping a secret till this day I never revealed out in the open .


I want you more then a friend.


I want to be your boyfriend.


Since day one I imagined me and you holding hand to hand living a story of a lovely romance.


Something better then the shows you see or in the romantic movie you love watching.


There are nights I can't sleep because I can't get the questions that run through my head as if they had feet.


Do you think about me the way you think about you?


If I were to kiss those carmel lips you have unexpectly would you slap me or kiss me right back?


I got so many questions none answered!


There are times when I go outside and look up at the clouds and wish the answers fall from the sky quicker then a avalanche.


I don't know how your going to react when you find out.


But I'm just stating facts!


Its no joke I want to be your man!


Your better half!


The n***a you can't wait to see when you wake up in the morning.


I go through hell everyday knowing you don't belong to me.


Maybe there's a possibly you and me can be the cutest couple of '08.


I'm laughing maybe one day showing on front page of people's magazine!


My patience are slowing drifting away!


When you tell me you ment somebody who your feeling deep inside I yell out so you can't hear me.


When I close my eyes I swear I see us making eachother happy.


I wish I could read your mind to visually see if you feel the same thing because this thing killing me.


I bite my tongue to say something its like somethin naturally just stops me from telling you in person perhaps it's cuz deep inside I know this won't happen.


I really couldnt keep this just to me myself and I so I write in a song so you can get a signnn!


You bring a major happynest over me that I've never felt or experience you got feeling more happier then a 8 year old kid getting his dream present.

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