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I need help with exercise during pregnancy!

Exercise Helps Prevent Gestational ...
Exercise Helps Prevent Gestational Diabetes #shorts

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I have NO motivation to do anything. It sucks! When I used to work out, I felt so alive and energetic. So, I'm thinking that some sort of daily exercise just might be the motivation that I need.


So....what can I do while pregnant? I would have to start out as a beginner, as I havent worked out in a while. And I'm 4 months along, so no jumping or anything like that. I've seen the yoga videos and such, but I need something to get my heartrate up and get the endorphins flowing.


Any suggestions??

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My OB recommended excercise. I've just been lazy!! lol I just cant do anything hi-impact or that could cause the placenta to separate, like jumping.


I guess I could just start easy with walking. My only problem is that when I try to walk around the neighborhood, all my cats follow me. And I have to turn around and go home. They love to walk with me, but it's not safe for them.


I feel stuck!!! Swimming sounds fun, but I dont have a gym membership.

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